City Hall building only

by rpm - uploaded on January 18, 2021, 9:54 pm

This is the City Hall building from the City Hall clipart that @j4p4n posted earlier. I hope it's okay with @J4p4n. I figured he was done breaking stuff out from that big Active City with Many Buildings clipart that he'd posted. This building could be renamed almost anything. It could be a bank, it could be some other office building. Maybe I'll so something more with it when I get a chance. Breaking parts out of a large clipart is easier for me than doing something like figuring out how to make a red and blue striped pattern that I could use to full spaces with in Inkscape (something I haven't been able to figure out in two months).

Active City Active City with Many Buildings City Hall building office building official building EPA @ @j4p4n remix+327159
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