pixelart template test

by Lazur - uploaded on May 8, 2021, 1:55 am

A template with an ultraHD (8k, 7680/4320 pixels), depicting a linear gradient fill and a pixelate filter which is supposed to render 16/16 px sized pixels, resampled from the filtered object, to simulate a 480/270 px image blew up by a factor of 1600%.

The filter samples an 1/1 px area of the top left corner of a 16/16 px grid, in every tile, then repeats the values throughout.

It's expected to render fine at a zoom level that is an integer multiply of 100%, however current inkscape version (1.0.2) renders only an 1024/1024 px portion of the thing and in general the rendering is very sloppy.

Nonetheless, chrome doesn't render it at all.

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