Bambo: First Blood: and Second Blood: and Third Blood: blood blood blood—Cinematic Background Version

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Bambo: the timeless story of blood-lust rampage by a deer named Bambo who has been worked up into a homicidal rage by the cold indifference of a heartless world. In this re-telling, our intrepid yet flawed heroine—flawed, that is, in that she is a serial killer—has just learned that she receives only 72% of a handful of corn, on average, for every entire handful of corn that a deer with antlers gets, and also that because she's an “essential worker” who used up all of her vacation time while recovering from COVID-19, she'll have to take an unpaid sick day for her deer gyno appointment with Dr. Pol. But she has just lit a fine Cuban cigar from her Molotov cocktail and a few moments of mayhem from now all will be right with her world.

Image partly inspired by the Allen & Ginter “Arms of all Nations” cigarette cards vectorized and uploaded by @Firkin ( and by @liakad's venerable Make My Day Bunny (—but while that's clearly marked as a case of leporine self-defense, Bambo is on a merciless rampage.

A poster of an anthropomorphized deer smoking a cigar with an enraged facial expression, wearing an ammunition bandolier and a scabbarded machete with a loaded RPG launcher slung over one shoulder, carrying an assault rifle in one hand and preparing to throw a lit Molotov cocktail with the other hand, below the words “Doe. A deer. A female deer.” and subtitled “Bambo—First Blood: and Second Blood: and Third Blood: blood blood blood”. Cinematic background version inspired by the poster for the 1935 Bollywood film Hunterwali ( featuring Fearless Nadia (

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