Light file ---> BIG POWER

by Hyperslower - uploaded on June 11, 2022, 6:13 pm

Each SVG file (like this clipart) is an original creation that required time, creativity, energy and sometimes sweat too.

Each SVG file is a source of inspiration, information or reflections, which can be adapted in its own way.

In short, these little files are treasures and deserve to be shared with the world.

So, by giving these SVG files to the web community, we give energy, time, new knowledge, love and sometimes smiles too.

Personally, I like technologies that do not consume too much energy and that are themselves a source of energy. And for me, SVG files are part of these sustainable solutions for a better future. They are a good solution to communicate, inform or create artworks in a more respectful way for the earth and humanity.

But, I must specify that this virtuous dynamic is possible thanks to OPENSOURCE programs, like INKSCAPE, which allow to create, read and transform these SVG files.

Thanks also to the OPENCLIPART.ORG team for all the good they do.


Note: I don't speak English. So, this text has been translated. This could explain some nonsense.

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