Last selfie on earth REMIX

by Hyperslower - uploaded on March 13, 2023, 1:41 pm

In this image, the end of the world seems inevitable and 3 living beings share a drifting ice floe, which is rapidly melting. The outcome is clear, it is death because there is only water on earth and no one to come and get them.

How to live this intense moment?

My clipart illustrates 3 ways to spend the last moments of one's life:

- the animal does not anticipate the end of the world, so it follows its instinct as always and looks for food.

-The man in the center thinks about himself, about his ego. Nothing matters more than his image and even if the situation is catastrophic, he smiles on his selfies and entertains himself by looking at himself in the screen. He is in his closed world and this protects him from anxiety.

-The Zen Buddhist monk (Komusô) on the contrary turns to the outside world to enter in communion with the universe. He leaves his ego aside and has no face. Through his flute (shakuhachi), he communicates with the world and meditates. He is in the present moment. This communion with the living also anaesthetizes the anguish.

Everyone has his own philosophy of life and fortunately. Because there is not only one way (philosophy) to reach happiness, or rather the absence of suffering.

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