Mythological Beings (Ceres, Jupiter, Triptolemus, Porserpine.

by stonesoferasmus - uploaded on April 23, 2023, 3:29 am

Jupiter sits on Olympus, an eagle mounted on his sceptre, and looks at Ceres and Aphrodite, or Proserpine and one of the seasons, holding ivy. Mercury ... holds his caduceus. Two flowers in the form of stars are above. Triptolemus in his winged chariot drawn by two dragons holds his sceptre and wheat. Triptolemus was a "culture hero" (the mythical inventor of a useful art or skill) who taught early people about the basics of agriculture and civilization. In this picture, major deities are present with him, showing his importance. Snakes, since they lived in the ground, were symbols of knowledge of the secrets of the Earth. Ceres presents wheat to her protege. She holds a torch ending with crossed pieces that form a circle when lighted. Hecate holds a torch. Proserpine holds a scaphoid or paropsis to feed the dragon. The creatures described as dragons in the caption look like big snakes with crests on their heads. Note the different possible identities assigned to some of the figures in the painting, the result of trying to identify them based on the attributes (clothing, hair, objects carried or held, etc.) illustrated by the artist.

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