Early Yellow Rose

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The illustration from a page of an 1899 catalog of J.A. Everitt, Seedsman, of Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. This is an engraved image of a shucked and cut ear of corn wrapped in a banderole displaying the text, "THE MOST PROFITABLE CORN YOU CAN GROW—EARLY YELLOW ROSE—FILLS YOUR CRIBS AND SWELLS YOUR BANK ACCOUNT".


Maize, also known as corn in English, is a crop that was domesticated over thousands of years by Indigenous Mesoamericans, which was found to be easy to cultivate by other North Americans and European settlers, and which by the twentieth century had become a staple grain providing a significant portion of the nutritional needs of most civilizations on Earth.

The image was accompanied by the text,


How the Up-to-Date Farmer Can Grow 150 Bushels of Corn Per Acre in 90 Days by Planting 🙖

𝔈𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔶 𝔜𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔬𝔴 ℜ𝔬𝔰𝔢

No CORN has ever been grown that has made friends as rapidly as this where known. From Minnesota, Dakota, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and other States the reports are most encouraging. The early Rose shows more vitality and stronger growth than other sorts with which it has been tested, and particularly adapts it for standing the extremes of wet and drought that so frequently prevail during the growing season. The stalks grow 8 to 10 feet high; full, dark foliage, setting its ears low, 4 to 5 feet from the ground; starting from 1 to 5 shoots, usually maturing 2 good, sound ears, 8 to 12 inches long. In a test 70 lbs. of ears shelled 64 lbs. of corn. It will mature in 90 to 100 days.


I prepared and planted on June 1, a field of Early Yellow Rose Corn, with the view of raising a large crop. I tended it well, and at harvest time I measured off a plot that contained 1 1-5 acres and the yield was 181 bus. of sound Corn, being at the rate of 150 bus. per acre. It is a strong grower, large and early. John Head, Page Co., Iowa.


In regard to the sample of Early Yellow Rose Corn sent me last spring, it did finely. I planted it on the 10th of May. The season was bad. It was blown down when in roasting ears, but it matured all right. I counted 9 shoots for ears on 1 stalk. I showed it to all our neighbors and friends. They say it beats anything they ever saw. We all say it is just the Corn for Virginia. C. G. Blessing, Wythe Co., Va.


I have been raising the Yellow Rose Corn for two seasons, and I think it is the best variety of early Corn in cultivation. I was told the other day that I raised more Corn this season than any one man in the township, and simply because the most of my crop was of the Early Yellow Rose variety. It is a bonanza for bottom land, as it will come up when other Corn will fail. Geo. B. Shields, Livingston Co., Mo.


I am much encouraged with my success with Early Yellow Rose Corn. It is just suited to this State as an early main crop superior Yellow Dent Corn, yielding 100 to 125 bus. on our rich soil. It is sure to come into general and extensive cultivation. Frank P. Brosins, Henderson Co., Ky.


The Yeliow Rose Corn is good this year, being such a dry season. I believe it will be the best ever raised in this State if the season had not been so dry. I shall plant it next year and more of it, and I believe after it gets used to this climate it will be the best Corn ever grown. A good lot of it brought 2 ears to the stalk and stayed green, while the other Corn was all dried up. Please send me your catalogue, and oblige Fred. J. Mabiah, Rice Co., Minn.


I planted Early Rose Corn on April 18, but the weather was so dry it did not come up till after May 1. We had four hot days during its growth, but it stayed perfectly green and did not hurt the Corn at all. It fully matured in 90 days from coming up. In picking ears I have found several 22 grains around and 60 long, and any number 18 around and 65 long. When it comes to a big crop and fine, large ears, Early Yellow Rose has the front seat. Most of our farmers want early Corn, so it will be out of the way when the hot winds come, and this Corn fills the bill to perfection. Wm. Whitby, Sedgwick Co., Kas.

Many more testimonials could be given if space permitted. We assure one and all that the Early Yellow Rose is the yellow corn to grow for profit. If you don't grow yellow corn then our Farmers' Interest White will fill the bill. (See next page.)

Price of Early Yellow Rose, pkt. 10c, sample ear 2 5c, 1 lb. 35c, 4 lbs. 60c, ¼ bu 40c, bu $1.50, 2½ bu. in 1 bag, $3.00."

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