The South Will Rise Anew

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A statement made in April 2023 in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., by expelled-and-reinstated Tennessee state House of Representatives member Justin Jones: "We come here to say that the South will rise anew. We represent a new South, a new South that is rising, and that if we can transform the South, we can transform this nation."

The phrase reclaims and re-inflects a similar statement from the racist Lost Cause mythology, "The South Will Rise Again", claiming that the Confederacy would regroup from its military defeat at the hands of the United States in the American Civil War and work vengance upon its enemies, advancing the cause of white citizens and white immigrants who are alleged to have truly suffered during the first century of U.S. history and in the War's aftermath:

Justin Jones, as an elected Black American, asserts a future for all Americans in which the primacy of Black culture, labor, intellect, values, and history are acknowledged and cherished in their proper place in the South and in the nation.

The text in this image was initially created using the font Miama Nueva, with some minor alterations.

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