Medieval ATM

by Hyperslower - uploaded on February 16, 2024, 5:34 pm

The very first ATM in history appeared in Europe (Antwerp, Belgium) during the Middle Ages. Lords, kings and knights came from Italy, Spain, Germany, France and England to try it out.

But Robin Hood had understood the machine's potential. He was never far away, and took advantage of this new invention to bring in fresh cash for the people of Sherwood on a daily basis.

This is fake news, of course ;-)


Why Antwerp in Belgium?

Because: "In his recently published and widely praised book “Antwerp: The Glory Years”, the British author Michael Pye explains in detail how sensational 16th century Antwerp was, the New York of its time. The city was a successful international metropolis and a trade and economic hub. In 1531, Antwerp built the first real stock exchange in the world at the request of the many traders in the city who wanted a safe place to do business. The building later served as an example for the stock exchanges of London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam."

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